Should You Consider Streaming Television?

If you have a streaming device, a compatible television, and access to a wireless internet network, you can stream programs, movies, music, and loads of other content to your TV even if you don’t have cable or satellite service. Learning more about this emerging technology can help you decide if it’s right for you.

Why Stream?

Some consumers are opting to cancel or downgrade their cable and satellite services in order to reduce their monthly bills, but even if you love your television provider, you might benefit from streaming media.

For instance, if you have a TV in a location where you cannot connect to cable but you can access the internet wirelessly, such as in your garage, patio or attic, you can enjoy streaming television. You can also use some devices while traveling by accessing wireless internet services in hotel rooms, RV parks or truck stops.

What Can I Watch?

Subscription-based services, such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime loom large across the streaming television landscape. If you already enjoy streaming movies, TV series and original programming using one or more of these services, you will likely transition to streaming television without difficulty.

However, you can view, listen to, and interact with other content types, as well.

For instance, if you have cable and streaming television, you can log into apps for numerous channels, such as TLC, Nickelodeon or HBO. Depending on the device you select, hundreds of private channels may also be available. Programmers and enthusiasts constantly create new channels for everything from sci-fi and western to kids and family to special interest topics. In addition, you can enjoy streaming music from platforms such as Pandora; view content from social media accounts; and even access media stored on your computer.

What Do I Need?

Of course, you need a television. Newer televisions have HDMI ports through which streaming devices connect, but if you have an older TV, don’t despair as you can connect some devices using standard A/V (yellow/red-white) cables.

You will also need high speed internet service with wireless access. Some internet service providers offer cable modem router combinations that give you wireless access automatically. If you can connect to the internet wirelessly using your mobile device or laptop, then you have a wireless network.

Finally, you will need a streaming device. Some of the most popular options include Roku, which offers several different models, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Google Chromecast. By researching specifics of various options, such as features, compatibility and price, you can find the ideal device for your family. To learn more, visit Virginia Broadband, LLC

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